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Newborn/Infant Sleep Consultation

Gentle Baby Coach: Robin Norris

Robin Norris
baby coach line

"Robin proved to be an invaluable guide for us both times. She provided deep experience and resources beyond the status quo advice we received from our pediatrician, and even close friends and family."
- The Wolfswinkel Family -

baby coach line

This service is available for families who don’t feel they need an NCS to provide nighttime care, but would like to learn how to get their newborn or infant on a daytime routine, and sleeping through the night.

If your baby is age 0-4 months, I will come to your home and meet with you for approximately 2 hours. We will go over what a typical day looks like, discuss any and all questions you have about the care of your baby, and troubleshoot any concerns you may have. If your baby is 5+ months, I offer consultations via phone call or video call (whichever you prefer) and go over the same information as I cover during an “In Home” consult. In addition, I will supply printed information to parents of both newborns and infants so they are able to refer back to everything we discussed during the consultation.

If your baby does not have a routine, we will put one in place. In addition, I will teach you how to use gentle and proven soothing techniques that will help stretch your baby’s sleep both during the day, and at night. Your baby will quickly be on the road to establishing healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime!

Also included with my consultation will be ongoing phone and text support for the first 2 weeks. That way, if any issues arise, you will continue to have help throughout the sleep conditioning/training process.

        Newborn/Infant Sleep Consultation with 2 weeks of support

                   $475 (Singleton)

                    $575 (Multiples)

        12 Week Newborn Sleep Consultation Package $1,200

        * Includes unlimited phone and text support     

        * Includes a once a week virtual phone call